Genesis 12 /"And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great: and be thou a BLESSING. 

                              Rabbi Richard Winograd Z"L   Rabbi David Spritzer Z"L




                                        OR...... TWICE IN A LIFETIME

                                        NOT....SO VERY SUBLIME


            They are  gone, I am alive.they are buried. I have survived.




            They were both academic achievers. both rabbis. one went to college at the age of 15 as a Ford scholar. a lawyer and doctorate student. My second husband won honors at Stanford. in addition to being a Rabbi he was a family therapist with a p.h.d . they were  honored early in life and and their honor continues years after death.


   I am a renagade who would stand in the back of the room and wave a watch when sermons were too long, or run an imaginary knife across my throat with my hand, in order  to shorten a long train of verbal thought.


 I am the one who interrupted a sermon, by saying that i disagreed with something in the sermon. We joked in front of, and with the congregations. When my husband said “ I  can’t let her have the last line.” I am the one who responded“ the night is still young.”


I am the one, who answered the question on national t.v ....”what is a rabbi’s wife called?” I answered “the person who sleeps with the rabbi.”


They  brought friends of great prominence into our lives.

I am the one who entertained them.

The night I came home from the hospital with my second child, I entertained a new kenesset member of the State of Israel.  I fell asleep at the kitchen table, while coffee and cake were served around me.


 My first mother’s day gift came from Hans Morgenthau. We enetrtained Philip Roth, Haim Potock,  Isaac B. Singer, to name a few. All of the politicians in Israel became buddies.

(see me and Golda)

 Golda Meir, Ben Gurion, Elie Weisel, Dayan, Anna Raynd, the top scholars and writers of the 70,80, & 9o’s  were part of our life.

I am the hostess of hundreds.


They had wanted to make a difference in the world.

iI am still searching to make a difference.




They did not want to die, each knew they were dying, each wanted to continue to  work professionally unto death.

I am the one who wanted them to stop working, gain some time.

they were in my hands.

  I am the one who forced both into vacations they resented



They were both  very unique and died before their time.

I am empty. have been fired by G-d, I am a civillian, don’t have to listen, correct and write sermons, entertain, give workshops ,teach classes , speak to groups, be concerned about people.


They are lost

I have lost.







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